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Christie says 'conservative' pension ruling shows U.S. Supreme Court needs 'Christie type of judges'

Thursday, July 9, 2015   (0 Comments)
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Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday said the New Jersey Supreme Court's recent ruling on pension payments was "a conservative decision" and shows that the U.S. Supreme Court would not have ruled in favor of Obamacare and same-sex marriage if it had "Christie type of judges" on the bench. During a television interview on "Fox News Sunday," the New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate defended his record against critics who say he failed to live up to his promise to make the state Supreme Court in New Jersey more conservative. Last year, Christie drew the ire of conservatives for brokering a deal with Democrats who lead the state Legislature to reappoint Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, a Democrat, in addition to appointing Republican Lee Solomon to the court — a compromise that ended a years-long standoff over the makeup of the court. The rest of the Supreme Court is made up of three Democrats and one independent. But Christie said Sunday that his critics "haven't been watching New Jersey closely."

Christie then cited last month's 5-2 state Supreme Court ruling saying he had the legal right to cut $1.57 billion in payments to New Jersey's ailing public worker pension system. The governor said "it's a conservative decision, and I'm proud of it." "(They said) in (the pension) decision that the judiciary has no business meddling in the businesses of the executive and legislative branches," Christie said. "That's in the opinion. If we had those kinds of justices and more of them, we would not have had the same-sex marriage decision that we had last week. We wouldn't have had the Obamacare decision. So if the Christie type of judges had been on that court in the majority, we would have won those cases in the Supreme Court rather than lost them." The U.S. Supreme Court issued two key decisions last month: voting to uphold key portions of the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — and ruling that gay marriage is legal across the U.S. Both decisions have angered conservatives and been denounced by many Republican presidential candidates.

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