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The 2020 GFOA of NJ Annual Fall Conference in-person portion is now cancelled due to COVID-19 and the restrictions placed by the State of New Jersey.  


In the meantime, GFOA of NJ hopes you will join us for a terrific lineup of virtual workshops where you will have the opportunity to earn valuable continuing education credits in CMFO, CCFO, CTC, RMC, QPA, CPWM, and CPA/RMA on a wide range of 16 timely topics such as budget forecasting, public financing, emergency personnel planning, cash flow resiliency, sharing information technology, financing strategies, ethics, and much more.  Here is the schedule of virtual workshops for you to view.  Once you register for the virtual workshops here, then details on how to sign up for each of the 16 webinars on ZOOM will follow within a week's time. 

Press Release Announcing Governor Murphy Signed Into Law The Fiscal Year 2021 State Budget

FY 21 Appropriations Act

Scoresheet FY 21 Appropriations Act
Language Changes in FY 21 Appropriations Act
A-4720 FY 21 Appropriations Act


FY-2021 Budget Deal Announcement

FY-2021 State Budget At A Glance

FY-2021 State Budget Revised


COVID-19 Policies

Executive Order 186 Extends the State’s Public Health Emergency for Additional 30 Days from September 25th

Administrative Order 2020-21 Health Club Facilities

NJ Department of Health Guidance on Indoor Dining, Movie Theaters, and Indoor Gatherings

NJ Executive Order 183 Guidance on Indoor Dining

NJ Executive Order 181 on Gym Re-openings

NJ Executive Order 179 on Vote-By-Mail Process for 2020 General Election

NJ Department of Health Executive Directive 20-028 - Guidelines for Health Clubs/Gyms/Fitness Centers

NJ Department of Health Guidance for Health Clubs/Gyms/Fitness Centers

Executive Order 175 on New Jersey Schools Opening for In-person Instruction

NJ State Supreme Court Ruling on Governor Murphy's Administration to Borrow up to $9.9 Billion for Losses Due to COVID-19

Governor Murphy Announces First Phase of the Small and Micro Business PPE Access Program

Governor Murphy's Press Release Announcing Emergency Grant Funding Program to Assist Small Landlords and Tenants

NJ Department of Health Community Tool Kit for COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing Education Campaign

Executive Order 173 - Decreases Limit to 25 for Indoor Gatherings

Executive Order 172 - State Health Benefits Immediate Enrollment

NJ Department of Education - Remote Learning Guidance

Executive Order 168 - Contact Sports

NJ Department of Health Guidance on High Risk Sports Activities

NJ Department of Health Guidance of Long Term Care Facilities as of 07152020

Executive Order 165 - NJ Transit

Executive Order 164 - Party Committee Reorganization Meetings

Executive Order 163 on Outdoor Face Coverings

Business Guidance - Which businesses may open and what guidelines must be followed?

NJ Department of Health Executive Directive 20-023 - Health & Safety Standards for Outdoor Amusement and Water Parks

NJ Department of Health Executive Directive 20-022 - Health & Safety Standards for Pools and Aquatic Facilities

NJ Department of Health Executive Directive 20-021 - COVID-19 Child Care & Youth Summer Camp Standards

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) FAQs for State Employees

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Guidelines for State Employees

Executive Order 159 on Extending Certain Statutory Guidelines (APPENDIX)

Executive Order 159 on Extending Certain Statutory Guidelines

Press Release - Governor Signs State Spending Plan Into Law for Extended Fiscal Year to Help Weather Continued Fallout from COVID-19

NJ Department of Health Executive Directive 20-019 (REVISED) - COVID-19 Protocols for Food or Beverage Establishments Offering Services on Outdoor Dining Areas

Updated Travel Advisory as of June 30, 2020

Executive 158 - Temporarily Prohibits Resumption of Indoor Dining Until Further Notice

Travel Advisory FAQs as of June 26, 2020

Executive Order 157 on Indoor Dining and Recreational Activities

NJ Department of Health - COVID-19 Protocols for Food or Beverage Establishments Offering Service in Outdoor and Indoor Areas 

NJ Department of Education - Schools Reopening:  Restart & Recovery Plan for Education

Tri-State Advisory on Travel Self Quarantine

Executive Order 155 - Limited In-Person Instruction at Institutions of Higher Education or Trade/Training Schools on July 1, 2020

OEM Administrative Order 2020-16: Reopening of Retail Mall with Certain Restrictions on June 29, 2020

NJ Department of Health - Guidance for Sports Activities

Executive Order 154 - Reopening of Personal Care Services on June 22, 2020

OEM Administrative Order 2020 - 15:  Reopening of Venues, Libraries, Schools, Real Estate Open Houses, Essential Retail Businesses, Car Washes, Yard Sales, Special Events and Private Tutoring Facilities 

DCA Administrative Order 2020-09 - Reopening of Personal Care Services:  Cosmetology, Massage and Bodywork Therapy Services

Executive Order 153 - Opening of Outdoor Swimming Pools on June 22, 2020

Executive Order 152 - Increase on Limits of Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings

NJ Department of Health - Information on Opening of Outdoors Swimming Pools

NJ Department of Health - COVID-19 Youth Camp Standards

Executive Order 150 - Outdoor Dining

Division of Alcohol Beverage Control - Temporary COVID-19 Permit to Expand Liquor Licensed Premises

NJ Department of Health - Protocols on Outdoor Dining

Press Release:  Governor Murphy Announces Entering Stage 2 of Restart & Recovery on June 15th

Adjustment to Public Bidding Threshold

Executive Order 149 - Resumption of Child Care Services, Youth Day Camps and Youth Organized Sports

Information Concerning Alternatives to Commencement Ceremonies

COVID-19 Short-term Rental Assistance Program  

NJ DCA - DLGS - LFN 2020-13 Fiscal Deadlines

NJ DCA - DLGS - DLGS Director Extension Order

NJ DCA - DLGS - Emergency Regulations Concerning Local Unit Electronic Procurement

NJ DCA - DLGS - Emergency Regulations Concerning Administration of Competitive Contracting Process

NJ DCA - DLGS - Emergency Regulations Concerning Contracts Subject to Public Bidding

Press Release:  Modified In-Person Graduation Ceremonies to Begin on July 6

Report on the Financial Condition of the NJ State Budget for Fiscal Years 2020 & 2021

Press Release - NJ State Projected Budget Cuts as Part of Revised Fiscal Plan to Weather COVID-19 Crisis

NJ Administrative Order 2020-13 - Authorization to Reopen Car/Motorcycle/Boat Dealerships and Bike Shops on 05/20/2020

NJ Department of Health - Guidance for Ambulatory Surgery Centers to Resume Elective Surgery and Invasive Procedures

NJ Department of Health - Guidance for Hospitals to Resume Elective Surgery and Invasive Procedures

Executive Order 147 - Authorized Certain Outdoor Activities


Strategic Restart of the Economy

The Road Back:  Restoring Economic Health through Public Health

Executive Order 146 - Charter Fishing and Watercraft Rental Businesses

Executive Order 145 - Elective Surgeries

Executive Order 144 - Vote-by-mail July 2020 Primary Election

Executive Order 143 - Reopening of State Beaches and Lake Communities

Executive Order 142 - Non-essential Construction, Curbside Pickup, & Car Gatherings

Executive Order 141 - Expanded Testing for Contact Tracing

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Adds More Online Services

NJ Department of Law & Public Safety - Letter to Department of Education on High School Graduations

NJ Administrative Order 2020-12: Recreation & Entertainment Activities

NJ Department of Health - NJ Student Nurses Strong Initiative 

Executive Order 138 - Extension on Public Health & State Emergencies

NJ DCA - DLGS - Local Finance Notice 2020-12:  Operational Strategies

NJ DCA - DLGS - Local Finance Notice 2020-11:  Fiscal Recovery

Executive Order 136 - Environmental Statutory Deadlines

Executive Order 135 - Wedding and Working Papers

Administrative Order 2020-11-Construction of Religious Facilities

Press Release-Schools Remain Closed for Remaining Academic Year

NJDOC COVID-19 Testing and Housing Program for First Responders

NJ Dept. of Children and Families - CSOC Quick Facts

NJ Dept. of Health - Antibody Testing Guidance

NJ Dept. of Health - Animal Health Issues During COVID-19

Executive Order 133 - Reopening of State Parks and Golf Courses

Executive Order 132 - Electronic Petition Submission & Signature Collection on Initiatives & Referanda

NJ Dept. of Labor Pandemic Unemployment Insurance 

Executive Order 130 - Property Tax Grace Period

Administrative Order 2020-10 Essential Retail Businesses

Executive Order 129 - Gun Permit

Governor Murphy's Six Principles

Executive Order 128 - Tenants Use of Security Deposits

Second Omnibus Order on Court Operations & Legal Practice

Administrative Order 2020-9 on Hotels, Motels & Guest Rooms

NJ DCA - DLGS - Property Tax Interest Rate

FEMA Public Assistance Grant

NJ DEP Public Hearing Fees

NJ MVC Operations

NJ Division of Revenue - Notary Public Manual Updated

NJ Division of Revenue - Notary Public Manual Appendix Updated

NJ DCA - Forclosure Intention Filing System for Residential Properties

IBank Municipal Bond Support

NJ DCA -DLGS - Local Operational Guidance

NJ DCA - DLGS - Local Finance Notice - Supplemental Procurement Guidance 

Executive Order 127 on Rulemaking Process

Executive Order 126 on Telecommunications Providers

Executive Order 125 on Additional Mitigation

Executive Order 124 on Temporary Reprieve for Certain At-Risk Inmates Housed in State Prisons

Executive Order 123 on Insurance Premium Grace Periods

Executive Order 122 on Non-Essential Construction

Executive Order 120 on Postponement on June 2nd Primary Election until July 7th

NJ DCA– DLGS - Local Finance Notice FEMA Public Assistance Program

NJ DCA - GRC Guidance on OPRA

Executive Order 118 on State/County Parks Closings

Executive Order 117 on Student Assessments

Executive Order 116 on School Elections

Executive Order 115 on Hiring Certain Retirees During COVID-19

Administrative Order 2020-8 on Hotels, Motels and Guest Homes

New State and Federal Programs Related to Enhancing Liquidity in the Municipal Debt Market

Governor Murphy Announces Mortgage Payment Relief

US Dept. of Labor Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions & Answers

NJ DOH Updated COVID-19 Information Sharing with Law Enforcement

SNAP Assistance and Benefits During COVID-19

NJEDA Announces New Initiatives to Support Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

Governor Murphy signs S-2304 - Family Leave & Disability Benefits During Epidemic-Related Emergencies

Governor Murphy's Executive Order 110 on Day Care Centers

NJ DCA - DGLS - LFN - State Aid Certification for Municipalities

NJ DCA - DGLS - LFN - Guidance on Budgets, Tax Bills & Deposit of Funds

Administrative Order 2020-6 Essential Retail Businesses - COVID-19

NJ Treasury Disclosure Statement - Reserve Monies - COVID-19



Executive Order 2020-3 Mandatory Facility Closures

Executive Order 107

Executive Order 108



NJ Attorney General COVID-19 Message

NJ Law Enforcement COVID-19 Guidance

Temporary SLEO III COVID-19



COVID-19 Mandatory Facility Closures



March 17, 2020 - "#COVID19 UPDATES:  We've received 89 new positive test results since yesterday, bringing our statewide total to 267.


Today is Day One of life in New Jersey under the aggressive social distancing measures we put in place yesterday to #FlattenTheCurve.  I thank everyone who is taking these measures to heart, and urge others to follow their lead.  If there is no reason to go out, don't go out.  See the full message here.



Given the recent attention to the potential impacts of cornoavirus, the NJ Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) issues this notice as a general precaution and to remind local units of options available to ensure the continued regular operation of government. 


The Division of Local Government Services reminds local units that, in accordance with N.J.S.A. 10:4-6, et seq., (the "Open Public Meetings Act," or "Act"), public meetings may be held in person or by means of communication equipment, N.J.S.A. 10:4-8(b), to include streaming services and other online meeting platforms.  Click here to continue reading.  Also, a new link to provide guidance for businesses impacted by COVID-19 can be viewed at



TRENTON - 03/16/2020 - Governor Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order No. 104, implementing aggressive social distancing measures to mitigate further spread of COVID-19 in New Jersey.  Among the directives, Governor Murphy's Executive Order indefinitely closes all public and private preschools, elementary and secondary schools, and institutions of higher education, as well as closes all casinos, racetracks, gyms, movie theaters, and performing arts centers.  The order also mandates that all non-essential retail, recreational, and entertainment businesses must cease daily operations from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.  All restaurant establishments, with or without a liquor license, are limited to offering only delivery and/or take out-services only, both during daytime hours and after 8:00 p.m.  Click here to view the executive order directs and Executive Order 104.


Governor Murphy has declared a state of emergency via Executive Order 103 in response to the coronavirus outbreak.  Local Finance Notice (LFN) 2020-06 is being issued to provide emergency procurement guidance as well as guidance on the use of storm recovery reserves for coronavirus response.  Please be aware that Executive Order 103 only addresses State-level procurement.  For emergency procurement on a local level, please click here to read LFN 2020-06.


Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Address
Fiscal Year 2021 Budget in Brief
Fiscal Year 2021 Budget at a Glance


The Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) has released an EGG Notice.  This notice provides updated guidance to municipalities and counties regarding submission of the 2019 Annual Financial Statement and 2020 Budget documents through the Financial Automation Submission and Tracking (FAST) Portal.  Click here for the EGG Notice.



Please click here to obtain your GFOA of NJ Fall Conference CEUs 2019.  Listed here are instructions on how to print and save your 2019 GFOA of NJ Fall Conference CEU Certificates.  


If you would like to view the Power Point Presentations and videos of the seminars, please click here.  Photos of the conference may be viewed here.


Did you know that GFOA of NJ offers a Mentorship Program for newly-licensed or soon-to-be licensed CMFO's who currently hold the CMFO title?  The program is designed to provide knowledge, assistance and support for new CMFO's.  You would be matched with a seasoned CMFO in your area who will gladly field questions and share their experiences.  The initial questionnaire may be submitted to upon completion.   If you have been a CMFO for 5+ years and are interested in serving as a mentor, please contact write to to take the next step.  Thank you for your time and consideration.



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